and the winner of the Iron 883 is IAN HUNT from Oliver!

Congratulations to Ian Hunt from Oliver whose ticket was drawn for the Harley Davidson Iron 883 today!  To say that Ian was surprised and excited when we called would be an understatement.  Here’s what he had to say, “Oh my God, you are kidding!  Oh my God, that’s fantastic!  Wow!  I’m speechless!  Wow!  I’ve never won anything like that- I’ve never won anything in my life!  Wow!  Fantastic!  I’m speechless…”  He will be driving up tomorrow to see his bike and we can post photos then.   We’re happy you’re happy Ian.

The second prize winner of a Learn to Ride Course was David Lovka of Kelowna.  When we called to let him know he said that he’d already taken the LTR course with us, so we told him that it was transferable so he could sell it or give it away.  He asked if he could take the Advanced Riding Techniques course with us, so we’re giving him two of those for both him and his wife, who also took our Learn to Ride Course.  It’s great to see happy, satisfied people returning for more advanced training.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a ticket and helped support our charitable organization!