August 2, 2023

            The Kelowna & District Safety Council (KDSC) today announces its decision to close its doors, effective September 30, 2023. KDSC has been an integral part of the Kelowna community since 1980, providing safety-related courses to thousands of children and adults over the years.

John Grimes, Executive Director of KDSC, explains that several factors have contributed to this decision. “When KDSC was founded, there were few options for the kind of training we offered. However, the landscape has changed, and now there are many more alternatives available from other nonprofits, businesses, and schools. This has resulted in increased competition for students, and as our operations heavily rely on course fees, it has become increasingly difficult to sustain our organization.”

The post-COVID economy has also played a significant role in this outcome, Grimes indicated. “People are facing tighter household budgets, and their priorities have shifted, negatively impacting our course enrollments. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult to avoid going into a deficit position in recent years.  After the 2022 season, it became clear that the organization was no longer sustainable, even with a substantial fundraising effort, which would be significantly more challenging in the current economy.”

Grimes assures current students of KDSC that they will be able to complete their courses. For any questions or concerns, please call 250-575-0375 (please leave a voicemail) or send an email to  

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported us throughout the years,” Grimes stated, “particularly the City of Kelowna, which graciously provided our building and grounds. We are working with municipal personnel to ensure a smooth transition during our move.” Grimes also expresses KDSC’s immense appreciation for the various service organizations and individual donors who generously contributed to our programs.

“While this marks the end of an era,” Grimes observes, “there is another way to view this situation. Nonprofits are typically established to address unmet needs in the community, and success can mean that you’ve fulfilled your mission, and your services are no longer required. KDSC can take pride in its contributions to the greater Kelowna community. We have helped to instill a culture of safety education among its residents. We have undoubtedly saved lives through our programs, although we will never know how many. Forty-three years after our founding, we can see that the community now has many options for safety training. It is time for KDSC and all its supporters to celebrate the accomplishments achieved over the years.”