GLP Program

Welcome to KDSC’s Learn to Drive GLP Program!

The Kelowna & District Safety Council is an ICBC approved provider of the Graduated licensing Program (GLP). Our Learn to Drive GLP Course ensures a base of 32 hours of instruction and support designed to provide new drivers with the foundational knowledge, skills, and confidence to become safer drivers.  Graduates of KDSC’s GLP Course will be able to take their Class 5 Road Test 6 months early. High school students can also earn 2 high school credits, and their course fees are tax-exempt. Payment plans are also available; call KDSC for information or see below to register.  The total cost for the GLP is $1,050.

We also offer a $100.00 gift voucher for referrals call us for details.

Call to arrange for a free information session to find out more about the course.  We’ll provide you with an overview of licensing in BC as well as the GLP course and various lesson packages, and you can meet the staff and instructors and get all your questions answered!  Our info sessions are open to teens as well as the parents/guardians who will be supervising their driving.

Free Session – Vernon call to arrange
Free Session – Kelowna call to arrange
The KDSC Difference
KDSC’s curriculum is a new program, recently approved by ICBC, and therefore meets the newest and highest standards for both curriculum and teaching methods set by ICBC. This sets our program apart from other, pre-existing operations which were “grandfathered” into the current system without being required to meet the new, higher standards. KDSC’s course is student-based, designed to adapt to individual learning styles and needs. KDSC has the only driver training car in the Okanagan with both dual gas and brake pedals for greater student and instructor safety.
Course Format & What You'll Learn
KDSC’s GLP Course entails one two-hour evening and 3 full days of in-class theory on set dates.  Then, 8 in-car driving lessons are scheduled at the students’ convenience.  Pick up and drop off can be arranged from home or from school.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 2 hour evening Co-Pilot Course for students and their parent/guardian. This session will help the students and their adult supervisors “get on the same page” with KDSC’s team of professional instructors. Find out what we’re teaching, how we’re teaching, and how parents/guardians can best coach and support their teens through this process.
  • 18 hours of classroom Theory. Topics covered include:
    • An overview of the risks and hazards involved in driving, and proactive personal strategies for lifetime driving success and safety. Includes special emphasis on understanding and avoiding high risk behaviours, attitudes, and situations through continuous self- and situational-awareness;
    • Systems of safe and effective driving, and how to retain and apply the core elements of these critical analysis and decision-making systems in all driving situations;
    • A lifetime-learning approach to understanding the relationship between the driver and their environment, including the keys to preserving the health and safety of passengers, other drivers, and vulnerable road users.
    • Legal responsibilities – driving laws and regulations, traffic control signs, signals, and markings, driver licensing and vehicle road worthiness. Not just the “what,” but importantly, the “why” of the rules of the road.
    • Vehicle function and dynamics, the “how” of managing on the road; emphasizing use of basic vehicle knowledge to develop strategies to maintain safe space, stability, traction, and control in all conditions.
  • 12 hours of Practical lessons. 8 x 90 minute lessons in the car, learning and practicing:
    • Essential pre-trip checks and vehicle set-up for safety, comfort, and driving effectiveness;
    • Basic vehicle operation – starting, stopping, steering methods and standards for safety and efficiency. Emphasis includes critical elements of vehicle control and situational awareness;
    • Operation in traffic – safe, legal, and responsible negotiation of the straights, narrows, and intersections. Students learn to apply right-of-way standards, maintain lane position, manage following distance, make left and right turns, and stop/proceed correctly at all types of controlled and uncontrolled intersections. Reversing, 2- and 3-point turns, U turns, merging, and lane changing;
    • Parking techniques and standards – includes efficient parallel parking, stall parking, and safe methods to secure the vehicle on hills;
    • Effective highway and freeway driving – applying rules of the road and safe driving principles to higher speed and multi-lane environments. Includes managing curves, lane changes, passing, and night driving.
    • Managing emergencies – protocols around emergency vehicles, safe negotiation of hazardous conditions, personal safety strategies.
Online registration is available by using the Register Button below or by calling KDSC at 250-765-3163 or Toll Free at 1-888-580-7233. If you have any questions about the program, please contact us. We look forwarding to hearing from you!

Please click on the following link for the Driver Training Application form:  Application Form

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