GLP Program

Welcome to KDSC’s Driver Training Program GLP Course!

We provide you with two different GLP Course options:

  • 1-on-1 instruction ($1,250 – schedule at your convenience)
  • Group instruction (discounted rates available – please contact us)

The Kelowna & District Safety Council is a widely-respected, ICBC-approved provider of Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) driver instruction. Our Driver Training Program GLP Course provides students with an essential base of instruction and support to insure that new drivers to gain the foundational knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to become safe drivers.

Graduates of KDSC’s GLP Course (both 1-on-1 and Group) will be able to take their Class 5 Road Test 6 months early. High school students can also earn 2 high school credits.

Here’s the instruction you will receive with our GLP Course:

  • 18 hours of classroom Theory – an overview of the risks and hazards involved in driving, and proactive personal strategies for lifetime driving success and safety. Includes special emphasis on understanding and avoiding high risk behaviours, attitudes, and situations through continuous self- and situational-awareness; systems of safe and effective driving, and how to retain and apply the core elements of these critical analysis and decision-making systems in all driving situations; understanding the keys to preserving the health and safety of passengers, other drivers, and vulnerable road users; legal responsibilities – driving laws and regulations, traffic control signs, signals, and markings, driver licensing and vehicle road worthiness; vehicle function and dynamics, the “how” of managing on the road; emphasizing use of basic vehicle knowledge to develop strategies to maintain safe space, stability, traction, and control in all conditions.
  • 12 hours of practical lessons – 8 x 90 minute lessons in the car (scheduled when convenient for you), learning and practicing: essential pre-trip checks and vehicle set-up for safety, comfort, and driving effectiveness; starting, stopping, steering methods and standards for safety and efficiency; operation in traffic – safe, legal, and responsible negotiation of the straights, narrows, and intersections – students learn to apply right-of-way standards, maintain lane position, manage following distance, make left and right turns, and how to stop/proceed correctly at all types of controlled and uncontrolled intersections; reversing, 2- and 3-point turns, U turns, merging, and lane changing; parking techniques and standards – includes efficient parallel parking, stall parking, and safe methods to secure the vehicle on hills; effective highway and freeway driving – applying rules of the road and safe driving principles to higher speed and multi-lane environments. Includes managing curves, lane changes, passing, and night drivingmanaging emergencies – protocols around emergency vehicles, safe negotiation of hazardous conditions, personal safety strategies.

To book your GLP Course, make a selection below. NOTE: 1-on-1 GLP Courses normally require payment in full ($1,250) at the time of booking. Group GLP Courses may require a deposit, with the balance due at least 1 week before scheduled start date. Group GLP courses may be canceled if minimum enrollment is not met. If cancelled, your deposit will be refunded. Payment plans may be available for both 1-on-1 and Group GLP Courses – call us at 250-765-3163 for more information. 

After you register, you will be asked for further information – please take the time to fill out the form provided. When we receive your completed information, you will be sent a written application form to complete and sign (students under the age of 18 require the signature of a parent or guardian).