Driver Licensing in BC

In BC, all new drivers (regardless of age) enter the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP). GLP is a two-stage program designed to help new drivers gain experience gradually, under conditions that expose them to less risk.

The information below is provided for your convenience, but you should always check the ICBC website (HERE) for current requirements.

In order to get a full Class 5 driver’s license, all new drivers will go through the following steps:

Learner’s License (L)

In order to get your Learner’s license, you’ll have to pass a 50 question, computerized, multiple choice test at your local driver licensing office. You will then be given a vision and medical screening. Once you pass these tests you’ll be in the L stage of your licensing process. After 12 months of prohibition-free driving, you’ll qualify to take your first road test (Class 7).

Novice License (N)

Once you pass the Class 7 road test, you’ll be given your Novice license. After 24 months of prohibition-free driving, you’ll qualify to take your Class 5 road test. If you pass this test, you will exit the GLP and get your full-privilege Class 5 driver’s license.

Choosing professional training from the Kelowna & District Safety Council can help new drivers develop the skills and experience they need to become safer drivers. We can help you learn faster and smarter, and we will help you develop positive driving habits. Whether it’s the entire Learn to Drive course or private lessons, we’ll get you through the licensing process and on your way to a lifetime of safer driving!

Please note that this is a simplified overview of the GLP licensing process. For full details, please consult the ICBC web site (HERE).