Driving Lessons

For most new drivers, learning to drive is an exciting time! However, driving can be riskier for novices as they haven’t yet developed the decision making skills or good driving habits that will get them safely to their destination. At the Kelowna & District Safety Council, our goal is to help new drivers gain confidence and develop positive, lifelong driving habits as they gain experience on the road. Includes free pick up/drop-off at school or home within the greater Kelowna area. We are the only non-profit, community based driver training school in the Okanagan. Train with us and learn from the best!

All new drivers train on our school car, a 4-door Toyota Corolla, which is specially modified with dual brake and gas pedals for our students’ safety. Whether you’ve already had some driving experience or you’ve never sat in the driver’s seat before, we’ll customize a training package to suit your needs and your budget.

* If you do not have your Application Form  completed and signed (parental signature required if you are under 18) before your first lesson then the lesson will be rescheduled without refund*

*The date you select is not guaranteed until our instructor confirms availability. You must book 2 days prior to your lesson. If it is an emergency and you need to book an appointment immediately please call 250-870-7145

Private Lesson Packages (90 Minutes)

1 Lesson $100 total (1.5 hours)


3 Lesson Package $280 total (4.5 hours)


6 Lesson Package $550 total (9 hours)


9 Lesson Package $800 total (13.5 hours)


12 Lesson Package $950 total (18 hours)

Road Test Prep ($100 total, 90 minutes)

Your Instructor will assess your driving skills and work to prepare you for a successful (and less stressful) ICBC Road Test. Includes a run-through of the traffic situations you will encounter on your Road Test. Find out if you’re ready to test before you get to ICBC.

Road Test Warm-Up & Road Test Vehicle Rental ($200 total, starts 90 minutes prior to your Road Test)

Settle your nerves and get some pointers before your Road Test; includes use of vehicle for the Road Test. ICBC fees are extra.

Winter Driving ($150 total, 90 minutes)

Winter driving can be challenging, especially during snowy or icy conditions. We’ll help you to stay safe and collision free during the winter months. We’ll show you how to prepare your vehicle and avoid collisions by adjusting your driving habits to maintain control of your vehicle.


At KDSC, we’ll teach new drivers the following skills:

• Vehicle control
• Risk and risk perception
• Proper braking and accelerating
• Recovery
• Collision avoidance
• Emergency maneuvers
• How to perform blind spot checks
• Intersection scanning
• Left and right hand turns
• How to make proper lane changes
• Highway driving, entering/exiting a freeway
• City driving
• Scanning
• Parking (reverse stall, stall, parallel, & hill up & down)
• See-Think-Do
• Traffic laws and regulations
• More!

Please click on the following link for the Driver Training Application form: Application Form