Senior Drivers

Whether you’re preparing for a mandatory Road Test with ICBC or you just want a driving refresher, our driving professionals will customize each 90 minute training session to your needs. Our friendly instructors will help you learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you, as we want to work with you to increase your skills and confidence on the road and to help you keep your license as long as you safely can. All senior drivers train on our school car, which is specially modified with dual brake and gas pedals for our students’ safety and is a very easy to drive vehicle.

* If you do not have your Application Form  completed and signed before your first lesson then the lesson will be rescheduled without refund*

*The date you select is not guaranteed until our instructor confirms availability. You must book 2 days prior to your lesson. If it is an emergency and you need to book an appointment immediately please call 250-870-7145

Seniors Assessment & Refresher - $100 total

We’ll assess your current driving habits, and give you valuable feedback on what to improve. We’ll also let you know what you’re doing right, so that you can continue to drive safely.

Drive Able Assessment & Prep - $100 total

Being called in for a Drive Able test can be a stressful situation for many seniors. We can help provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to prepare for the test and to help reduce test anxiety. Our Instructors will assess your driving skills and give feedback throughout the drive on both your good driving habits as well as those which may need improvement. We encourage a family member to be present for the debrief at the end of the session.

55 Alive & - $200 per person (3 hrs) or $35. per person for groups (minimum 5 people) /6 hrs
This is an interactive Defensive Driving classroom course with some elements that specifically address issues affecting the aging driver. The fundamental principles and strategies of driving to prevent collisions are reviewed, changes in roadways and traffic management are discussed, as well as some of the age-related personal changes which may affect our ability to manage the vehicle safely in traffic. Modern automotive systems of collision and injury prevention are reviewed, as well as developing emergency strategies.

Seniors ICBC Retest Prep - $100 total

The ICBC retest process can be stressful for any driver, and we’re here to help you refresh your skills and prepare for a positive testing experience. Each lesson will be customized to the driver’s needs.

  • 1 lesson $100 total
  • 3 lessons $280 total
  • 6 lessons $550 total
  • 9 lessons $800 total

Please click on the following link for the Driver Training Application form:  Application Form

Senior Driver rack card