Gear Requirements

For students’ own safety, KDSC’s gear requirements are stricter than the minimum standards required by BC law. KDSC provides students with free helmet, jacket, and glove rentals, but these gear loans must be pre-reserved at time of registration. NOTE: equipmental loans are not available during the current COVID pandemic – please plan accordingly.

Students will need the following to participate in KDSC’s training:


helmetsMust be a full-face DOT approved motorcycle-specific helmet. Half helmets, skull caps, toy, snowmobile, motocross, open face, or bicycle helmets are not acceptable. NOTE: ICBC helmet requirements DO NOT apply to “people of the Sikh religion with unshorn hair who wear full turbans.” see


glovesMust be leather or motorcycle specific textile gloves that cover the wrists, with no parts of the fingers or hands exposed.


jacketMust be a motorcycle specific leather or textile jacket that zippers closed (button closures not permitted).


bootsMust be leather, covering the ankle completely, with low or no heels and a shallow forefoot area to facilitate gear shifting. Sturdy leather/suede hiking boots are acceptable. No running shoes.


pantsaThe minimum acceptable standard for pants is sturdy denim jeans with no holes or tears. If chaps are worn, jeans must be worn under chaps. Cotton and corduroy are not permitted. Leather pants or textile motorcycle pants with built-in armour are preferred but not necessary.

Rain Gear

rain-gearCourses run rain or shine, and KDSC’s gear standards are the same, regardless of the weather. Waterproof gear is optional, but recommended in the event of inclement weather. Rain gear, windbreakers, or nylon shells may be worn over approved gear, but may not be worn instead of approved gear.