International Student & Immigrant Drivers

Learning to drive in any situation can be intimidating, but learning to drive in a new country (especially when you’re still learning the language) can put even more pressure on new drivers.  KDSC’s patient and understanding Instructors will make you feel at ease in the driver’s seat!  Whether you’re a brand new driver or you have some experience but you’re trying to adapt to the laws and the traffic of B.C., we will be able to help you gain the confidence and skills you need to be a safer driver.

Call us now at 250-765-3163 to inquire about our lesson packages, and to book an appointment.

We make it easy!  We offer lessons 7 days a week (daytime, evenings, and weekends) so that we can schedule classes when it’s convenient to you.  We will also pick you up from home, work, or from the UBCO or Okanagan College campus and drop you off as well, so you don’t have to rely on friends or buses to get to your driving lessons.  And when you’re ready for the Road Test at ICBC, we can book the test for you and you can use our car.

* If you do not have your Application Form  completed and signed (parental signature required if you are under 18) before your first lesson then the lesson will be rescheduled without refund*

*The date you select is not guaranteed until our instructor confirms availability. You must book 2 days prior to your lesson. If it is an emergency and you need to book an appointment immediately please call 250-870-7145

Lesson Prices (Each lesson is 90 minutes)
$100 total – Single Lesson

$280 total – Three (3) Lessons (save $20)

$550 total – Six (6) Lessons (save $50)

$800 total- Nine (9) Lessons (save $100)

$950 total – Twelve (12) Lessons (save $250)

$2,000 total – Twenty Five (25) Lessons (save $500)

If you’re not sure how many lessons you will need, you can schedule one lesson and then the Instructor will let you know how many lessons he thinks you will need….and then you can decide and we will apply the cost of the single lesson to the package so that you do not lose your discount.

If you are interested in our Graduated Learning Program, click here for more information:

Please click on the following link for the Driver Training Application form:  Application Form

Call our friendly staff at 250-765-3163 for more information or to book a lesson.