Learn to Ride

Kelowna District Safety Council’s team of experienced professionals is here to help get you on your way to being a skilled and confident motorcycle rider. We’ve been providing rider instruction for nearly FORTY YEARS, and earned a reputation as the most respected training program in the Okanagan. Not only that, but our course prices are highly competitive, and because we are a non-profit organization, you pay no additional taxes.


We have two basic Learn to Ride options: group instruction or 1-on-1 (individualized) training.

Both options are offered as three packages – Bronze ($599 group/$799 1-on-1), Silver ($699 group/$899 1-on-1) or Gold ($799/$999 1-on-1). For most people, we recommend the Silver or Gold package, which includes on-street traffic strategies. The Gold package is the best value for individuals who might want a little extra time and practice, or/or prefer to learn at their own pace.

The Group Learn to Ride course is structured over two weekends for a total of 23-1/2 to 37+ hours, depending on the package you choose.

The 1-on-1 Learn to Ride training is structured according to your own schedule (pending instructor availability) and can be completed in 12 to 18+ hours. Contact KDSC at 250-765-3163 or CLICK HERE for a CUSTOMIZED training package that will suit your needs, budget, and schedule!

(additional courses may be scheduled according to demand and weather)

Call 250-765-3163 to find out about other current special sales and discounts.

What You'll Learn

KDSC’s Ride Safe Learn to Ride Course (Silver and Gold Packages) includes classroom theory, parking lot skills, skills assessment (equivalent to the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test), and on-street traffic strategies. (Bronze packages do not include on-street traffic strategies.) This is the most in-depth program that you’ll find, and it provides students with more “saddle” time than other programs.


  • Licensing & insurance
  • Safety Equipment, conspicuity, riding environment
  • Types of motorcycles
  • Regulations, safe riding standards and strategies
  • Hazard awareness
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Safe riding practices
  • Riding dynamics

Motorcycle Skills

  • Pushing, mounting, and starting a motorcycle
  • Slow speed riding – straight line, turns, braking
  • Operating the clutch, friction zone
  • Gear changes
  • Controlled stopping, swerving, brake and evade
  • Counter-steering
  • Lane changes

Traffic Skills

  • Pre-trips
  • Intersection behaviour
  • Lane changes
  • Hill starts and stops
  • Downtown, one-way streets
  • Fueling up
Gear Requirements

For students’ own safety, KDSC’s gear requirements are stricter than the minimum standards required by BC law. KDSC can lend students a full-face helmet, jacket, and gloves, at no charge.

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KDSC has a fleet of over 41 bikes, including cruisers, sport bikes, and dual sport bikes. Most of our bikes are 250cc, with a few 125cc bikes and we’re starting to build up an inventory of 300’s. Light and agile, they build student confidence and make learning to ride easy and fun! All major manufacturers are represented in our fleet, with a great selection of cruiser, dual sport, sport, and standard seating bikes. Due to the range of styles in our fleet, we are able to accommodate students from 4’10″ to 6’8″.  Click here to see a few of our bikes


Great course. Terrific instructors. Everything was first class!” Phil A.

“This course has taken me from a person who didn’t know how to start a motorcycle to someone who feels comfortable in traffic! Unbelievable how good this course is! It should be mandatory for all riders.” Kees S.

“Could not be happier with this course! Was great to try out so many different bike styles. Can’t wait to come back and take more training in the coming years!” Tara J.

“What a great course, the instructors were A+. I loved the Ride Safe program so much.” Mark K.

“Wonderful experience!! Wish I did this years ago.” Linda J.

“This course was fun, informative, eye-opening, and fun!! Wow! Worth every penny!” Alan H.

“Great customer service. Awesome! Positive Reinforcement! Great support and encouragement.” Bonnie H.

Choosing KDSC

Choose KDSC and you’ll see why our Learn to Ride is the largest, most widely recognized and the most highly recommended course in the interior of BC:

  • Experienced, friendly instructors and staff
  • Convenient course schedules
  • Proven, step-by-step curriculum
  • Our instructors administer the Motorcycle Skills Assessment (equivalent to the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test) as part of the course
  • We provide the motorcycles, full-face helmets, jackets, gloves, and heated vests for the course and your Road Test
  • Administration office open Monday to Friday, generally 9am – 5pm (call in advance to confirm)
  • We’re a local registered charity that has been providing quality safety training for children, adults, and seniors for nearly 40 years!

If you do not have your completed and signed (parental signature required if you are under 18) before your first lesson then the lesson will be rescheduled without refund. We will send you the form via email upon registration or you may download it here.