and the winner is … Ian Hunt of Oliver!

Congratulations to Ian Hunt from Oliver whose ticket was drawn for the Harley Davidson Iron 883 today!  To say that Ian was surprised and excited when we called would be an understatement.  Here’s what he had to say, “Oh my God, you are kidding!  Oh my God, that’s fantastic!  Wow!  I’m speechless!  Wow!  I’ve never won anything like that- I’ve never won anything in my life!  Wow!  Fantastic!  I’m speechless…”  He will be driving up tomorrow to see his bike and we can post photos then.   We’re happy you’re happy Ian.

The second prize winner of a Learn to Ride Course was David Lovka of Kelowna.  When we called to let him know he said that he’d already taken the LTR course with us, so we told him that it was transferable so he could sell it or give it away.  He asked if he could take the Advanced Riding Techniques course with us, so we’re giving him two of those for both him and his wife, who also took our Learn to Ride Course.  It’s great to see happy, satisfied people returning for more advanced training.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a ticket and helped support our charitable organization!

We sincerely thank you for your ongoing support! Every year we raffle off a motorcycle as a fundraiser for KDSC and use the funds raised to provide safety training to adults, teens, seniors and children throughout the Okanagan. Without your support through the purchase of raffle tickets we could not provide many of the programs and services that we do. We believe everyone should have access to safety training and we thank you in sharing our vision for a safer community.  This year you could be the winner of a

2017 Harley Davidson 883N Iron Sportster







Click here for a closer look!

Aggressive throwback styling taken to a place altogether new. No need to shine this machine. Just get on and tear up the nearest street.  A great leap forward in the dark arts.

You’re looking at a pioneer of raw, blacked-out, stripped-down custom style. In the years since its introduction, it has only gotten better. Fine-tuned suspension. Tuck and roll seat. Black cast aluminum wheels with machined highlights. And blacked-out surfaces from fender to fender. You get everything you need. And nothing you don’t.

Tickets are only $10.00 each or 3/$25.00

We’re also looking for volunteers to help us sell raffle tickets, so please contact us if you have 4 hours to spare to cover a shift.

Call 250-765-3163 or email:

Please Contact me, I Want Tickets!

KDSC Raffle Schedule – Where to find Us:

We’re currently finalizing our calendar and it will be posted very soon.


2017 Winner of the Harley Davidson Iron 883

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Past Winners

motorcycle raffle

2016 winner Lisa Olszewski of Lumby chose a new Husqvarna 350 with her winning ticket, #3231.  Lisa said that she’d purchased 3 tickets for $25.00, and put her fathers name on two tickets for Father’s Day, and her own name on the third ticket. (We’re not sure if she’s told her Dad yet.)motorcycle riding lessons Lisa was a very very happy girl when she came to check out the bikes and make her selection!

Donna Scott of Kelowna is the lucky Learn to Ride course winner with her winning ticket #0530.  A very excited Donna said that she was extremely thrilled to win and that she’d really wanted to take the course! We are equally happy to have Donna as a student!

2014 – Elise Kruysifix, Vernon, Ticket #1928 (purchased at Princess Auto), Two Sportsters, $28,067.18.  Elise had a feeling all along that she would win the bikes, but she only truly believed it when she saw it posted on KDSC’s Facebook page.

Ed Rutkowski, 2013 Raffle Winner    


2013 – Ed Rutkowski, Kelowna, Ticket #3332 (purchased at Princess Auto), Two Sportsters, $26,789.60.



Daniel Guindon, 2012 Raffle Winner2012 – Daniel Guindon, Kelowna, Ticket #2943 (purchased at Princess Auto), Dyna Switchback, $22,789.60.  Daniel’s father bought 3 tickets and gave one to Daniel, who then forgot that he had it.  When he got a call from KDSC on the draw date, his first thought was “What did I do wrong?  Why is the Safety Council calling me?”



Bill Gerk, 2011 Raffle Winner

2011 – Bill Gerk, Kelowna, Ticket #1800 (purchased from a volunteer he met at Tim Hortons), 2 Sportsters, $25,869.52.  Bill thought he was being punked when he received a call from KDSC identifying him as the 2011 raffle winner!  Listen to the actual phone call on KDSC’s Facebook page!



John Wright, 2010 Raffle Winner

2010 – John Wright, Kelowna, Ticket #605 (purchased ticket at Rona), Softail Deluxe, $24,765.78.  Although he sold this bike, he did take KDSC’s course and bought another one to start his riding career on!




Calvin Kettner, 2009 Raffle Winner

2009 – Calvin Kettner, Kelowna, Ticket #1685 (purchased ticket at Princess Auto), Two Sportsters, $26,235.02.  After taking KDSC’s Learn to Ride course in the past, Dr. Kettner purchased raffle tickets each year just to support KDSC’s programs.  “Congratulations for the awesome, amazing job that KDSC does with educating and promoting rider safety in the Valley,” said Kettner after winning his bikes.  “It’s an amazing program and a lifesaver, and has kept me out of many a pinch by making me a more defensive rider and driver.”

Jodi Whitelaw, 2008 Raffle Winner

2008 – Jodie Whitelaw, Kelowna, Ticket #2806 (purchased at WalMart), Dyna Low Rider 100th Anniversary Edition, $20,195.00.  Jodie bought 3/$50 tickets from a KDSC volunteer in hopes of winning the KDSC riding course.  When she received a phone call from KDSC a couple of months later, she was astonished to learn that the course came with a Harley!!!  By the end of the draw date, she had cleared out her dining room furniture in order to make room to dismantle the one-of-a-kind bike and rebuild it with after-market parts.  She took the course in October that year.

Kevin Reynolds, 2007 Raffle Winner

2007 – Kevin Reynolds, Kelowna, Softail worth $20,680.00. Kevin took KDSC’s Learn to Ride course with his wife and son in 2005 and just bought a ticket “to support the cause.”  Never thinking he’d win, he thought KDSC was calling him to ask for his help as a volunteer!  Instead, he was told that he had won!

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