Coaching Rides

Customized Coaching Rides

Take a pro-active approach to improving your riding skill and confidence with a personalized rider coaching session.  KDSC is now offering Coaching Rides that are a minimum of 3 hours in length.  They include the bike and all the gear and you are able to go on a longer ride in or out of the City while receiving professional rider coaching from one of KDSC’s experienced Riding Instructors.  Your coach will work with you to support what you’re already doing successfully, based on your knowledge and experience, and together you will build on that.

Coaching rides are for: the experienced rider wanting to increase their knowledge and skills relevant to their riding needs, e.g. complex traffic environments, highway riding, traveling etc.; for the novice rider wanting to build on their experience and skills; for riders currently without a bike and just need to get out; and for visitors to the area.  Coaching Rides would be particularly helpful if you’re planning a road trip in the future!

This training is offered in 1 hour increments from 3 hours to 6 hours depending on how far you want to go.  The coaching starts in an urban environment and advances to secondary highways, focusing on advanced cornering and higher speed touring.  The degree, type of training provided and route will be dependent on a mutual assessment of your preferences, needs and skill level as well as the time allowed.  Coaching Rides can be done one-on-one, or with one other person.

With Coaching Rides, not only do you get the bike, the gear and the riding experience but you will be receiving expert rider coaching enabling you to become a more proficient and safer rider – and you’ll have a great time!

If the Instructor determines a student is riding in an unsafe manner, putting themselves or others at risk, we reserve the right to end the session and no refund will be given.  To maintain safety, coaching rides will also be limited to two riders per Instructor. *Please note, at this time our bikes are limited to 250 to 300 cc models, however we will be adding larger bikes to our fleet in the future for touring purposes.

*Call for pricing