Private Training; Motorcycles, Trikes & Scooters

Private Training; Motorcycles, Trikes & Scooters

Motorcycle Skills Test & Road Test Preps & Escorts

Testing with ICBC can be stressful, especially when you don’t know what to expect.  Schedule a Prep session with KDSC and we’ll help you prepare for the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test (MST) or the Road Test (RT).  And we’ll even supply the motorcycle, helmet, jacket, heated vests for those chilly spring and fall days and gloves.  Join the thousands who have successfully trained with KDSC over our 37 years!

Motorcycle Skills Test Prep (3-hrs)

Controlling a bike and performing maneuvers at slow speeds can be a real challenge, especially in a stressful test situation. So, if you are going to take the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test but need some help preparing for it, this is the training session for you. These three hours of training will cover all the skills you’ll be tested on during the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test. Use your bike or ours.

MST Motorcycle Rental

If you’re ready to take the Motorcycle Skills Test at ICBC, but don’t have a bike, or if your bike is too big or its pipes are too loud for use at ICBC, you have the option of renting one of ours IF you have taken the MST prep with us. Includes delivery and pickup of bike to ICBC, and you can ask us about options for Vernon and Penticton (travel fees apply).

Road Test Prep

The ICBC Road Test can be difficult and nerve-wracking, especially for those who have never taken professional training. Three hours of training, this session includes an overview of basic traffic theory, a riding skills assessment, feedback and tips on what to expect on your Road Test, and in-traffic training. Hone your traffic skills and learn the proper riding techniques needed for a successful ICBC Road Test. Use your bike or ours. Book your ICBC Road Test through KDSC.

Road Test Escort & Rental

A great way to warm up, settle your nerves, and get some last minute tips and pointers prior to your ICBC Road Test! One of our instructors will provide you with an overview of what to expect, as well as tips and strategies for a successful Road Test. The Instructor will then take you for a warm-up ride, giving you valuable feedback and reminders as you stop along the way. The warm up is a full 60 minutes, and we will review with you during your 15 minute wait at the ICBC office.   Use your bike or ours, and ask about options in Vernon and Penticton. (If you want to rent one of our bikes for the road test the RT prep is mandatory.)

Intro to Motorcycling

Interested in riding a motorcycle, but not quite sure if it’s for you, or if you’re nervous about being on a bike for the first time in a group setting, this is a great way to get a head-start on your Road Ready course. This 2-hour 1-on-1 course (no riding involved) will deal with your questions and anxieties, and provide you with an in-depth preview of what to expect in the full Road Ready course.

Scooter Training

Scooter Skills Course (10 hours; 4 hrs theory and 6 hrs parking lot)

Fun and economical, scooters are rising in popularity. The Kelowna & District Safety Council offers personalized
training sessions for any scooter riders who need help passing their ICBC licensing exams or who just want to improve
their skills.  Some training options to consider include:

Theory, which focuses on urban riding tactics, defensive riding strategies, hazard detection, decision making skills, traffic safety issues, group riding, choosing a bike and riding gear, and many other important issues that will give students the knowledge they will need to stay safer on the roads.

Parking lot training offers a great option for those who need help preparing for their ICBC Skills Test for scooters, for those who want to fine tune their slow speed skills, or for those who want to work on emergency procedures.

In traffic training introduces you to a variety of real-life traffic situations such as downtown areas, one way streets, hills, and residential riding. Two-wheeled traffic skills will be demonstrated and practiced, including lane dominance and lane changing. The content of this session will be individualized to the skills of the rider and to his/her goals. Become more confident in traffic and learn the skills necessary for a successful Class 6 ICBC Road Test.

Scooter riders must bring their own scooter.  KDSC will provide free loans of helmet, jacket, and gloves if necessary. See the Gear Requirements page for an explanation of KDSC’s gear standards.  Contact KDSC and training sessions will be customized to suit each individual.

Scooter Skills Course (16-hrs)

NEW a more comprehensive Scooter Skills Course for the over 50cc scooter.  Includes 4 hours of theory, 6 hours of parking lot to ensure full control at low speeds etc, and 6 hours of in-traffic training, all one-on-one with one of our experienced, highly skilled and personable instructors.  Develop at your own pace with this highly interactive course, maintaining a focus on your own specific interests and challenges.  (For under-50 cc scooters you can ride with any class of driver’s license, or a class 6 or 8 learner’s permit.)  If you’re interested only in the 4 hours of theory and 6 hours of parking lot, we can also provide this.

Private Training for Trikes, Spyders & Motorcycles for Licensed Riders (3-hrs)

Riders choice- tell us what you want to cover.  This training can include any of the following within the three hours: a theory review, a riding assessment, parking lot with slow speed skills, riding strategies or in-traffic training, all on the student’s own bike. Great for those who learned to ride on their own or from a friend. Also a good way to identify and correct any bad riding habits that may have arisen.

If you do not have your completed and signed (parental signature required if you are under 18) before your first lesson then the lesson will be rescheduled without refund. We will send you the form via email upon registration or you may download it here.