Online Safety Smarts

As technology keeps advancing so do the dangers that come with being a part of online social media websites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Social media has become a huge part of young people’s lives. Children are becoming linked to the online world through their phones, tablets, and laptops at an early age and this link exposes them to the dangers that are inherent with being online.

The Online Safety Smarts course taught by the Kelowna & District Safety Council will provide children age 9 to 12 with the knowledge they will need to be safe while adventuring through the online world of social media. This 2 hour course, taught in a classroom setting, will help students develop and apply proper online social etiquette and critical thinking skills to activities such as meeting people, sharing information and socializing through the internet.

Topics that will be covered:
• Social Networking’s capacity for danger and thinking critically while online
• Dangers of Global Exposure through Social networking
• Dangers of mobile phones and sextingOnline safety for children
• Social ethics and rules of social networking
• Setting boundaries, morals, values, and ethics
• Behavior in real life should mirror online
• Facebook friends
• Dangers of gaming, gambling and chat rooms
• Identify theft and profile building
• Social networking protocol, ethics: videos, pictures, screen names, personal information.

Please note: we always schedule our First Aid level 4 course (running from 9:00 am-1:30 pm) to be followed the same day by the Online Safety Smarts course (2-4), with the half hour lunch break being supervised by the Children’s Instructor.